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Secret of Sedarra

Follow four intrepid adventurers as the catastrophes in their own lives lead them to intertwine with each other. Their attitudes and styles must align so they can work together to discover the larger forces at work inside the infamous castle of Sedarra.

In the style of four-man arcade RPGs, progressing through levels to the final boss.

Trilogy of the Commons

The guy is trapped inside a domed city, quarantined to stop the spread of a dangerous new disease. Years have passed and the city continues its slow decline. Gangs operate in daylight, as the police force dwindles. A three part story centred on the commons.

Some stuff happens.

Aftergrowth – Graphic Novel

The world ended 7 years ago. The only known survivors live on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. Why they survived, even they don’t know. When the black ooze precursor to the plague appears again, will they still be safe or are they vulnerable to this new threat?

Aftergrowth is in the process of being drawn.


Cubed is the story of three very different girls who reunite after a school year apart, only to discover and frighten an alien species. The alien responds by radically transforming their bodies into different forms. When a government agent comes looking for the alien, whose side will they choose?


Amfibians and Reptlies

A+R is a collection of fictional short stories about aquatic animals that never existed. It includes stories about mermaids, dragons, and eocaecilia. All the stories are short, intended to be read in one sitting!


Liora: Song of Alcia

Webcomic that restarted like four times, we do what we can. I’ll take it over and redo it myself some day.