Colton Hornstein
Digital Designer - Rate Sheet 2014


There are a few ways to figure out the cost of a website. Ultimately, you will be charged the greater of a $500 minimum and my hourly website rate ($50/hour). Unless you already have your own URL address, there will be an additional ~$65 fee for a 5-year registration plus my time. For estimating costs, I use the following formula:

Base rate ($300) +
(Number of Pages * $20 +
Optional Logo Design * $100 +
Optional Special Pages * $100 +
Optional Effects * $100) all multiplied by
either .5, 1.0, or 1.5 depending on the Number of Changes +
Optional URL Registration

All estimates are just that, estimates. I reserve the right to increase my price beyond my estimate depending on factors including, but not limited to: extensive changes, multiple requests, and increasing time-involvment.

Optional Special Pages include live video feeds, e-commerce set-up, and photo galleries.
Optional Effects include zooming for pictures, FAQ linking, rotating banners and reviws, and PDF menus.
All websites include being as device and OS compatible as reasonably possible, Google Analytics if requested, and attaching the website to review sites like Yelp and Google.

Photography and Design

Design work comes at a cost of $25/hour. It inherently requires a lot of set-up work for mockups and ideas, and a lot of changes during the design process. As such, I can get more hours doing this work and can charge less to you per hour.